Alveo Reviews

Olga ChalinMy daughter was born with various allergies. She is allergic to dairy products, different kinds of nuts, fish and shellfish, dust and house pets. I began looking for a natural product that could help with her allergies and we tried many different natural and homeopathic remedies.
I first heard about Alveo 6 years ago; my daughter was 4 years old at the time that we started using it. We have been using Alveo regularly ever since; by “we” I mean the whole family. I have two daughters 10 and 8 and a 2-year-old son. All my kids love to drink it. They rarely get sick and when they do, then it only lasts a couple days. Some of my daughter’s allergies have even disappeared. She is now only allergic to nuts and red fish. She has not had an asthma attack in 4 years.
We are so happy that we discovered this product. We love Alveo and will continue to use it.
Olga Chalin
(picture of Olga's children)
Elisa MisolaI first heard about Akuna from my mom who lives in the Philippines. I heard high praises for Alveo and so I joined Akuna for the discounts. My mom had seen a great improvement in her own health and I could tell that she had a lot more energy. Four years ago, following a kidney surgery her health had deteriorated and Alveo helped her big time.
This year I was the one who’s having health problems such as high blood, insomnia, anxiety and symptoms of menopause. I began taking Alveo myself. After a few weeks of drinking it regularly morning and night on an empty stomach, my doctor told me to stop taking my high blood pressure meds, my sleep improved and I’m not having anxiety attack anymore. Alveo has definitely helped and improved my overall health. Thanks Akuna!
Elisa Misola

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